Hey, I am Nicolas Salgado


I am the founder of Luxury Empire...

I have been around online marketing quite a bit of time.

And no, I am not a multimillionaire. I am not even a millionaire (yet).

In fact, I consider myself a professional failer (and a pretty weird one too)


"What? Why should I listen to you then?"

Well, you shouldn't listen to me... If you don't want to know how not to fail. 

You see, I have failed for 4 years straight.


Sure I've had a few results...


But nothing to really brag about.

I have started so many businesses I lost the count already...


Met a couple of awesome entrepreneurs...


Stayed up late waaaaay too many nights trying to figure out this whole online marketing thing...


But I've started to like failure.

No, really.


See, failing over and over again just means to me that I am getting closer and closer to succeed.

And if you are coming from the YouTube channel called Luxury Empire, this is just another attempt at success

After trying dropshipping, affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, stocks, starting my own digital marketing agency, etc... 

I've sincerely never seen such a huge opportunity before (that no one is talking about!). 

I won't talk about that for too long, but if you wonder why you didn't invest in Bitcoin a couple of years ago, this might be the next huge thing. 

Just check it out for yourself.


If you don't want to do it your own because you don't believe on it... Subscribe to see me fail once again (or not?).

But I must warn you: You might want to stick around when I blow up and you find out that I was actually serious about this ;) 

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