Top Royal Caribbean Ships

One of the best ways of traveling around the world is by cruise. Royal Caribbean is one of the biggest companies that allows you to know different incredible destinations while you enjoy great days in the sea.

In this post, I will be talking about the best 5 cruises that Royal Caribbean has that will take you to the vacation of your dreams.

But before that, I will give you 5 tips you should know before choosing a cruise... All these points fit all Royal Caribbean ships

5 things you must know before buying your Royal Caribbean Vacation Package...

1. Daily Gratuities are not included in the price. For each person traveling, the gratuities vary from $15 to $18 depending on the suite you are staying in.

2. Alcoholic drinks and not included. I recommend looking at the drinking packages before paying for the vacations. This is a big one... You don't want to get there and go to the pool bar thinking that the drinks are free... your face would be something like this

To know more about Alcohol Packages you should read "Royal Caribbean Beverage Packages"

3. Room Service is just free for continental breakfast if is something different you will be charged approximately $8 per order you do. But don't worry.... you will love to go out and enjoy their different places to eat.

4. The Internet has become necessary in our daily lives... That's why I know this point is important to you. But yes, I have good news, this ship does count with internet access. Now, the bad news is that is has a daily cost per device. There are two different plans.

  • The VOOM is just internet connection. This plan varies depending on the number of devices you want to connect. The price is $10 per device.

  • VOOM Surf + Steam which includes internet to the device and streaming of movies, music, and shows while you cruise. The price is $12 per device.

I recommend looking for these packages before cruising since sometimes they give you a pre-cruise discount.

5. During your vacations, the crew members will take you lots of pictures. After your incredible vacations, they will show you all and make you choose. After you are excited about the incredible photos, where you look stunning, skinny and your eyes are opened, they will tell you that they are $30 a picture. This varies with the size you want, but they are extremely expensive... So try to take lots of pictures with your phones or cameras during your experience.

These are the best travel cameras under $500

1. Mariner Of The Seas

This is an exclusive ship that will allow you and your family to enjoy great vacations around the Caribbean. This ship has destinations to the Western Caribbean and Eastern Caribbean where you will be able to visit The Bahamas, Mexico, Florida, Haiti, and more.

This is one of the most popular ships because comparing other Royal Caribbean Cruises, this one allows passengers to enjoy the luxury of Royal Caribbean at a lower price.


This cruise is very interactive with young adults and kids. This is where you and your family will be spending most of the time during sea days.

Some of the most standing activities inside the ship are:

-Laser tag -Rock Climbing

-Sky Pad -Ice Skating

-Escape Room -Pools

-Arcade -Outdoor Movie Night

-Mini Golf -Sports Courts

These unique activities will allow you and your family to make friends or even end up on a date... as happened to me when I was 8 years. I was with my family in the cruise pool and a kid asked my parents if he could take me to the arcade to play ping pong.

There are also great activities for you to do in your free adult life. This ship includes different activities depending on the kind of personality you have. But of course, you could enjoy all of them!

If you are a person that loves to party, this cruise includes different kinds of Clubs where you can enjoy different types of music. They also include live bands where you can go enjoy yourself with other people. They also include different bars and lounges all over the cruise where you can join other cruisers.

This cruise also has a lot of different activities and shows such as the Ice under the Big top or special vocalists and dancers that will make you happy.

2. Oasis Of The Seas

Like all Royal Caribbean ships, Oasis of the seas is a highly interactive family ship. But what is it that makes it unique and incredible? This boat has activities for all kinds of ages, if and when I say all kinds of ages I mean all of them.

Just by looking at it, you can tell that you will enjoy it.

This ship Travels to Eastern, Western Caribbean, and the Bahamas.

You can depart from Cape Liberty (New York) and Miami(Florida)

Prices vary but you can find packages starting at $400 per person.

Image Credits: Royal Caribbean International

This ship includes activities for teens. You know how they are... they like their own time to feel like adults. Well, this ship has places where your teens can go spend time with other teens. They will have lounges and rooms where they can play and make friends from different parts of the world.


This boat is best known for the number of activities it has. Most of these activities can be used by anyone without any extra costs.

-Zip Lane. -Ice Skating -Flow Rider -Sport Courts

-Ultima Abyss ( tallest slide at sea ) -Ping Pong Tables

-Outdoor movie night. -Carousel

-Aqua theater pool (reservation) -Rock Climbing

-Escape Room (extra cost) -Mini Golf

Image credits: Royal Caribbean

For adults

-Wine Tasting -Sushi making class (extra cost)

-Comedy Club (reservation needed) -Culinary Classes (extra cost)

-Art collection -Cupcake class (extra cost)

-Salsa Dance -Casino (18+)

-Spotlight Karaoke -Library and Card Room

-Dance Classes -Jewelry Making

-Theme nights -Pool parties

Image Credit: Royal Caribbean International

3. Allure Of The Seas

The Allure of the Seas cruises on the Western Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean, and in Europe as well.

This ship departs from Galveston(Texas), Miami(Florida), Orlando(Florida), Barcelona(Spain)

The Allure of the seas is known for being the biggest cruise ship in the world for 6 years in a row.

If you take just a look at the picture, maybe you are thinking that the price for this ship is way too expensive. But the price for one adult 8 days 7 nights starts at $600 depending on the suite you choose. With this price, you will not have to spend more money unless you want to buy souvenirs or do something extra on the islands you visit.

Image Credit: Royal Caribbean International

This Royal Caribbean Ship is perfect for any type of trip you are looking for. If you are traveling as a family, as a couple or alone this is the ship for you. If you are looking for a luxurious ship with lots of activities on board this is the one.


Some of the most outstanding activities of this boat are listed below. These activities

-Royal Escape Room (extra cost) -Ice Skating

-Typhoon and Cyclone -Archery (1 hr included)

-Ultimate Abyss -Zipline

-The perfect storm (slide) -FlowRider

-Laser tag (15 minutes included) -Carousel

-Splashaway Bay -Sport Courts

-Supercell (slide) -Rock Climbing

-Sugar Beach (extra cost) -Teen Parties

Image Credit: Royal Caribbean (Ultimate Abyss)
Image Credit: Royal Caribbean International

Here are some of the activities for adults. The shows that are included are opened for everyone so you can take your kid if he likes. The shows are really entertaining you cannot miss them!!

There are also plenty of clubs and bars where you can go and meet other people. There are clubs and bars of all kinds of music. You can go and explore different kinds.

You can go to the Latin club and realize that reggaeton is your thing....!

-Spa (extra cost) -Karaoke -Wine Tasting

-Live Orchestra -Club twenty -Club DJ's

-Oceanaria show -Latin Fiesta. -70's disco party

-Mama Mia show -Live Bands -Game shows

-Blue Planet show -Casino(18+) -Parades

4. Odyssey of the Seas

Image Credit: Royal Caribbean International

This Royal Caribbean Ship is one of the newest and biggest. This ship alternates destinations. In the fall of 2020, this ship departs from Fort Lauderdale (Florida) and travels to the eastern and western Caribbean. In summer 2021 this ship will travel around Europe departing Civitavecchia (Italy) and finishing its trip in Fort Lauderdale (Florida)

What makes this cruise different is that this one makes its trips longer. For this cruise, there is a minimum of 5 nights and its maximum is 15 nights when crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

If you are looking to travel on this ship to the Caribbean, what I recommend is looking for packages at least 6 nights. I say this because there are other ships like the Allure of the seas or the Oasis of the seas that go to the same destinations at a lower price.

This ship has fewer activities, but it has a couple of different and unique activities that other Royal Caribbean Ships don't have. Here are some of the best activities for this ship.