My First Month With a 'Cash Cow YouTube Channel'

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UPDATE: 10 Months With a Cash Cow YouTube Channel Post Is OUT!

It has been a month since I started my first Cash Cow YouTube Channel. Here is what I have learned and what my results are so far...

I have to say that so far I have tried a lot of business models so far and none of them has caught my attention so much as this one.

First Thing First... What is a Cash Cow YouTube Channel?

A Cash Cow YouTube Channel is a term apparently made by Chase Namic, a self-made millionaire who owns more than 20 channels on YouTube.

He explains that a Cash Cow YouTube Channel is made with 'the sole purpose of making money'. Basically, these are channels that make money by trying to get as many views as possible (since YouTube pays every thousand views) and monetizing them purely with Google Adsense.

These are channels like top 10's, conspiracy theories, anime, gaming, etc. Channels where the whole content is outsourced by hiring script-writers, people who can do voice-overs, video editors, and thumbnail guys.

By outsourcing all the hard work, all the owner is left is with uploading the videos and optimizing the description, titles, and tags. And that also means that you don't have to appear on camera!

A clear example of a Cash Cow YouTube Channel is Felix 10s, where the owner of the channel never has to appear on camera.

How Much Can These Channels Make?

I have explained this before in another post I have about this topic, so I will briefly get into this.

These channels earn depending on where they are located, what topics they talk about, and what their target audience is.

A channel in the US can earn much more than another third-world country just because it is based here.

A clear example is Felix 10s. This is a channel based on India, and here is how much it earns according to SocialBlade:

As you can see, this channel has 403k subs, more than 10 million views, earns about $6k a month (most of the time SocialBlade's approximate is in the high-end), but it is based in India.

Let's see a channel like Indigo Planet, which is US-based.

As you can see, even though Indigo Planet has only over 50k subs, it earns double than Felix 10s! It is estimated to earn somewhere around 12k a month, which is mind-blowing.

Now, I know that Indigo Planet has more views than Felix 10s, but Indigo Planet doesn't have double the views. They earn more because it is based in the US.

Why Did I Choose this Model?

I chose this model because I got tired of all the sales pitches of "gurus" that I don't even know which ones the reals are!

I got tired of email marketing, funnel design, cold calls, etc. In fact, to be able to do this you don't even have to be a marketer at all. I also love YouTube. I know it is the best platform in the world by far, and I have always wanted to leverage it, but I have never known how to do that.

Finally, the fact that you can leverage YouTube while you don't do any of the content... That is truly passive income online.

Just by looking at the results of the top people that own these types of channels, you can see that this business model is no joke.

Kody's results:

Chase Namic's Results:

Matt Par's Results:

Devon Canup's Results:

Remember that ALL of them own somewhere around 10 to 20 channels each.

Literally, after seeing these guys' results, I was sold. I ended up buying a course called YTA Masterclass.

Apparently Kody didn't want to do his own course, so he contacted his best student to do it for him, Devon Canup. Now, Devon is working with Caleb Maddix, one of the youngest and most influential entrepreneurs in the world, towards a newer version of the course. That is how YTA Masterclass was released.

I watched all of it and they basically talk about virality, outsourcing the content, knowing how to write compelling titles and descriptions, finding people to outsource all the content, and basically everything related to this model.

After doing so, I started my first Cash Cow YouTube Channel called Luxury Empire and this has been my experience so far.

How Many Videos Have I Released?

By the time I am writing this post, I have released 18 videos so far.

It has been an amazing experience because I had another 2 YouTube channels. In order to be able to release 18 videos in just 30 days, I would've had to work the entire day every day of the week on the videos!

While other people were working doing all of my content, I was either doing homework (I am in college), working out, and even expanding Luxury Empire to other platforms. I have been able to start this blog and an Instagram page, so that has been really cool.

How Much Have I Paid to Outsource the Content?

Since I have outsourced all the content, I have paid quite a bit...

I have seen that many owners of Cash Cow YouTube Channels usually say that each of their videos cost them $50 or $60 each. I have not been able to find people who are willing to do those things for that price.

I hired a scriptwriter for $25 per script on Fiverr, some guys who can do voice-overs in Upwork for $20 per voice-over, and a video editor in Upwork for $50 per edition. That ends up being $95 per video. I ended up doing my own thumbnails because even though they were just $5 in Fiverr, I actually enjoy doing them.

Now, I actually started looking for people to edit my videos for $30, and I found the guy who is working with me right now, but I didn't receive a lot of applications. I ended up raising his salary, because of the amazing work he has done so far, and because I didn't think $30 was fair for how much time he spends doing the videos.

I know, I am dumb sometimes, but hey... Since I raised his salary, he has been editing videos in just like 3 days unlike before when he spent like a week and a half because he had other projects to work on.

And I have hired more guys for the same rates.

That means that so far I have spent $1710 for those 18 videos I have uploaded so far (and I have 7 videos yet to be uploaded). But this is just because I wanted to speed up the process. If you don't want to pay for the content, you can always do it yourself!

My Results so Far...

I started this channel with no expectations at all of getting some views within the first months. I thought I was not going to be able to rank for any of the things I wanted to rank because I am focusing on luxurious stuff and there's a lot of competition in that niche.

This is a long term game, and you should always remember that before starting out. This is not a get-rich-scheme and you probably will not start seeing results the first few months. That is until the compound effect starts to do its magic.

Darren Hardy explains in his book that The Compound Effect is the formula to success in anything you are trying to achieve. It basically means doing small steps consistently over a long period of time. These small steps seem insignificant, but after a couple of months, or even years, they start to add up and show crazy results. By some kind of magic, you became an 'overnight success'...

That is exactly how I am approaching this channel.

With that being said, these are my results from the day I uploaded my first video on the 29th of March to the 29th of April:

I got 371 views, 5 subs, and 16.6 hours of watch time during my first month with my Cash Cow YouTube Channel.

The interesting thing is that a good portion of the traffic came from the YouTube search. With all the competition for these terms, I thought I wouldn't be able to get traffic from the search bar.

Here is how hard it would be to rank "most expensive private jets" according to VidIq, my preferred YouTube tool:

The score is 8 out of 100! That means that I shouldn't be getting views from the YouTube search for this term, but...

And my top video during this period is actually... 7 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World!

And as you can see here, my top traffic source was YouTube search:

What does this all mean? I think it means that even though you go for competitive terms if you are a new channel YouTube will try to promote your video because they want to see feedback from viewers.

I found this really interesting because that means that if you are able to do a really good video, with a good title, and nice thumbnail, you could get more views than you think even if you go for competitive terms.

As you can see, I got 100 views in my top video during my first month with this channel, and I have to say that I was not expecting that many views.

The 33 Rule

According to. a lot of people who own Cash Cow YouTube Channels, you are able to see whether your content is working or not only after you have uploaded 33 videos, and see how YouTube's algorithm responds to your videos.

I have uploaded 18 so far, so I am planning on keep uploading really broad content until I see what is working and go deep into those. So far the best videos have been about private jets and yachts.

Have I Earned Any Money?

To actually start earning money through Google Adsense you either have to buy a monetized channel or be eligible to monetize your new channel.

I started my channel from zero, so that means that I have to be able to get 4000 hours of watch-time and 1000 subscribers within a year to be eligible for monetization.

So far I am not close to those numbers, so I haven't earned a cent yet. All I can do is continue uploading content consistently and see how YouTube responds to my videos.

How to Get Started?

If you like the idea of earning thousands through YouTube, I will recommend you go check this FREE training. I think it will answer any doubts you have


This was all for my first month with a Cash Cow YouTube Channel...

I hope you find this post useful and to make you be realistic. You probably will not have a viral video within the first months of starting out, but remember that all it takes is that one video to really hit off and make your channel grow.

I will keep you updated next month to see how I am doing, so if you would like to be remembered if I publish my next update, subscribe here.

Thanks for reading and I will see you at the next one...

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