What Are Cash Cow YouTube Channels?

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

If you heard the phrase "Cash Cow YouTube Channels" you are probably wondering what this is all about.

I will be showing you exactly what these are and how you can start one today!

So... What are Cash Cow YouTube Channels?

These are channels that generate thousands if not millions of views per day with topics like top 10's, gaming, conspiracy theories, and all kinds of stuff.

These channels live forever because they talk about evergreen content, contrary to the type of content that focuses on what is new.

Those types of content are something that will always be searchable because it will always be interesting to viewers.

Even topics like anime!

It is this type of content that will continue to generate views forever.

How Do These Channels Generate Profit?

Cash Cow YouTube Channels usually generate profit through Google AdSense.

They generate profit every time they reach 1,000 views on each video, or when someone clicks on the ads that are displayed before or during the video.

Yep, that is right.

Every time you click on something like this, they earn a small amount!

How Much Do These Type of Videos Make?

The amount of money Cash Cow YouTube Channels make depends on what YouTube calls CPM (or cost per thousand views).

Depending on the topic of your videos and where your viewers are, YouTube will decide what the cost per click, or per thousand views will be.

For some countries like the United States, CPM can be as low as $0.20 cents, or as high as $5 or $6 per thousand views.

What Are the Highest CPM Topics to Make Videos of?

As I explained earlier, there are some topics that are paid the most, and places where CPM is higher.

I will list a couple of the best niches where the CPM is the highest:

  • General top 10's

  • Interesting facts

  • Travel

  • Luxury

  • Conspiracy theories

  • MMA

  • Technology

And much more.

The good thing is that CPM depends on how many people are watching these topics.

If a lot of people is watching a certain topic, the CPM will be higher. That means that if you see a video that has a couple of thousand subscribers, and it has videos that have millions of views on it, it certainly is a high-viewed niche!

So... How Much Are These Channels Actually Making?

Now that you know what Cash Cow YouTube Channels are, I am going to pick a medium-sized channel and see how much a single channel is actually making.

I've decided to pick Indigo Planet because it doesn't have a crazy amount of subs. It only has 49.3k, but the interesting thing is that many of their videos (even if they have uploaded a few) have millions of views.

I will be using SocialBlade, one of the best tools to see an approximate of how many channels are making on YouTube.

Here was the result:

As you can see it estimates monthly earnings from $907 to $14.7k a month, and $10.9k to $174.2k a year.

Now, I follow a lot of people who have a bunch of Cash Cow YouTube Channels like Kody, Devon Canup, Chase Namic, and Matt Par. All of them agree that their numbers are usually on the high-end of SocialBlade's approximate.

That means that Indigo Planet should be earning somewhere close to $12k a month, or $144k a year after uploading just 26 videos.

And the guys I mentioned earlier own about 20 Cash Cow YouTube Channels each.

'What!? How Can They Earn That Much?'

Yeah, that was my reaction too when I first came across this business model.

These channels earn so much because they focus on viral content.

Most of the owners don't care how many subscribers they have. They care about how many views they are getting each day.

Mix viral content with evergreen content and you have the recipe for success in YouTube!

The incredible thing about Cash Cow YouTube Channels is that they are extremely scalable. Normally, the owner of the channel would just hire a scriptwriter, a person to do a voiceover, and a person to do the video edition.

That means that the owner would be in charge of just uploading the content into their channel, unlike a channel where you are the brand and you have to actually record everything and be in every single video.

The advantage of the Cash Cow YouTube Channels is that you are able to do whatever you want while others are actually building your content.

'Are Cash Cow YouTube Channel for Me?'

Well, only you can tell me.

I started my first YouTube Cash Cow Channel called Luxury Empire because I got tired of trying to master the online digital marketing thing.

After years of trying out affiliate marketing, e-commerce, MLM, and much more, I sincerely see the best opportunity we have had in years.

Very few amounts of people know that they are able to make thousands of dollars just by uploading viral content to YouTube. And much less actually start one! Unlike something like e-commerce, where millions are opening their stores in every niche possible.

If you are the type of person who enjoys YouTube and doesn't like trying to convince others to buy you stuff, this should be for you.

I started my own channel and after 28 days, I am seeing some results.

I should warn you that this is a long-term business though.

Normally, you will not be able to start earning money right away because you should be eligible to monetize your channel. Monetizing your channel basically means reaching 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 within a year.

That is unless you buy a monetized channel.

That is why it might not bring you any profit at first, but just know that every single video you post, is a digital asset. Unlike Instagram, or Facebook, where content dies after a couple of days, a video on YouTube will live forever.

You can have a video from years ago that gets viral today. So if you are able to be patient and wait until your content starts to gain momentum, you will be able to succeed.

How to Get Started?

If you are looking to start your first Cash Cow YouTube Channel, I will strongly suggest you watch this FREE training.


It will help you get started and will answer any questions you might have. But if you feel you already know enough to get started, that is great too!

Remember that if you don't have a lot of budget at first, you can always start by producing your own content. You can write the scripts and edit the videos while someone does the voice-over. Or maybe you like speaking.

Whatever it is, I will recommend you to start on what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Here are a series of steps of what I did to get started:

  • I found someone who could do a YouTube script for me for $25 in Fiverr (make sure the person's English is fluent). If you use my link we'll both get up to $100!

  • Posted a voice-over job in Upwork for $20 (but you could get one for less than that).

  • Posted a video edition job in Upwork for $30 (if you don't get enough applicants, increase the rate).

  • I found someone to do my thumbnails on Fiverr.

But I actually like and enjoy doing video edition and thumbnails, so if you are like me, I will recommend you to:

  • Start