5 Key Ways to Grow Your Instagram Theme Page Organically

If you have just started an Instagram theme page, you are probably trying to grow it organically.

Whether you are trying to grow a theme page, a brand, a personal page, or basically whatever account you have started, knowing how to leverage organic growth can take your account to the roof.

Today, I will show you exactly how you can grow your Instagram theme page even if you are starting from zero followers.

What is an Instagram Theme Page?

An Instagram theme page is basically an account where all the content is reposted from somebody else's profile.

By posting content from others' accounts, Instagram theme pages are able to post as much content as possible while not having to go through the content creation headache.

'Is this even ethical? Can you get away with doing this?' People seem to always have that question in mind when a theme page is mentioned. Yes, it is ethical. Yes, you can get away with this because... There is nothing wrong with doing it!

The only thing you will have to make sure of is to give credits to the person or account you are taking the content from. By doing this you are giving them free exposure while you are able to post amazing content. It is actually a win-win scenario.

Why Are Instagram Theme Pages the Most Scalable Accounts?

Since you are not creating your own content, you are able to post as much as you want per day. I usually post anywhere from 6 to 10 posts a day!

That is great, because the more posts you post, the more exposure you are able to get from the explore page, hashtags, and homepage. We will get more into that later on.

Also, since you are not a personal page or a brand page, you will have a broader audience to target.

It is not the same to start a personal account and target people who want to do dropshipping than to start a theme page and target those who like food. Usually, you will reach broader audiences, and you will gain followers way faster.

@MyLuxEmpire Accounts Reached From 159 Followers After 9 Days of Starting From Zero

Now that you know what Instagram theme pages are and why they are the best to grow a following from, let's get into the 5 Key Ways to Grow Your Instagram Theme Page Organically...

How do These Accounts Make Money?

Sure, these accounts are scalable and whatever, but how do they actually make money?

After you have built a following, there are many ways to monetize your account. Getting paid for shout-outs, driving traffic to your own store, promoting an affiliate marketing product to earn some passive income, or even to drive traffic to other sources such as Facebook or your own YouTube Cash Cow Channel.

There are actually a lot of ways to monetize these accounts, and done correctly, they can start earning 6 figures a year depending on the following and engagement.

With that being said, let's jump into the actual strategies of growing your Instagram theme page from scratch 100% organically.

5. Post High-Quality Content

This may seem kind of obvious but a lot of people struggle with this point, especially theme pages.

People tend to think that taking a screenshot of the same picture over and over again from another account will be enough. It will not. I am going to talk specifically about some Instagram theme pages in the luxury niche because these are the ones I see the most because well, I am growing a luxury theme page myself.

You don't know how many times I have seen the exact same post over and over again on different Luxury accounts. And the worst part is that they not only have the same posts, but the quality of the images is terrible!

If you take a look at our Instagram Page, you will notice that all of our content is high-quality. The images are high-resolution, the images are aesthetically pleasing, all of our posts seem to be congruent on our feed, some of our captions are funny (or that is what I think!), and in general, it looks and feels nice.

'How Do I Know Which Posts Will Be Good?'

Simple. If you are reposting content from somebody else, all you have to do is go to similar accounts like you and look up all of their content. Find the pictures, videos, and carousels that show the most engagement. Likes, comments, you name it!

Normally, if an account that usually has 1k to 2k likes has 10k, it will mean that that post was on the explore page and was shown to a bunch of people. That is why it has so much engagement; it is not about how many followers they have, but how many posts are shown on the explore page.

This is exactly how I have been able to reach so many accounts. I only post winners.

488 Accounts Reached From 125 Followers

The black Ferrari example from above? I went to a similar Instagram theme page, saw that it had a crazy amount of likes compared to the rest of the page, reposted it on my account, and boom. It had more than 80 likes while I only had roughly 125 followers.

After that post, a considerable amount of people started following me and I just kept growing.

My Secret Weapon to Post the Best Resolution Content as Possible...

To be able to post high-quality content, I not only reposted content from other accounts. I actually did something that not a lot of people know of...

I posted about 80% of my content from Pexels and Unsplash. These are websites that have a lot of royalty-free content, including images and videos.

That means that you are not even required to do attribution of the people who took the picture! I always tend to give them credit, but you don't have too.

Here you will find the best resolution images as possible. This is how 7 out of my best 15 posts so far have actually been taken from Pexels and Unsplash! You are welcome for the pro tip.

7 Out of 15 Have Been Taken From Pexels & Unsplash

Finally, another pro tip is to actually download an app, or a Chrome extension on your computer to be able to download the content from other accounts. I recommend adding this extension to your computer.

Please don't take a screenshot and post it on your account. The resolution is terrible, and it will affect strongly how the people who see your profile perceive how genuine your account is. If they see that there is the same content over and over again from other pages, they simply won't follow! They want something new and unique, not something mainstream.

4. Use Follow for Follow Strategies

'What? Does that still work? Isn't that spammy?" Nope.

This is exactly how I have been able to grow Luxury Empire's Instagram account from zero followers to 160 real followers in 10 days.

I know that doesn't sound like promising numbers, but in the first two, I had like 12 followers. After that, I have slowly started to grow to 10 per day, to 20, to more than 30 per day!

This method does not guarantee that you will get thousands of followers in the first days, but it guarantees to start the ball rolling.

The hardest part of Instagram is getting those first few followers. It is hard to get to 1k followers. Once you get there, getting to 2k is easier than it was to get that first 1k. After that, getting another 2k is way easier than it was to get to that point. And so on.

The point is that once you hit your target, it will be much simpler to duplicate your result, because:

1) You already know what works

2) You already have a following

After that, the snowball effect takes over (or what I like to call the compound effect), and the rest of the process is much easier.

Which people should you follow?

You should follow the ones who are showing engagement with similar Instagram theme pages as yours.

For example, I was into fitness, I would search for accounts that are related to gym, calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, etc. I would then look at the people who are liking the content of that page and follow them. That simple!

Pro-tip: Go look at the posts that have the least amount of engagement. Follow the people who like those posts, because it means that even though the post was bad, they are the most loyal followers.

3. Do NOT Use Big Hashtags When You Are Starting Out

Too many people use big broad hashtags such as #fitness, #cars, #luxury. If you do this, stop.

You have to understand that if you use these hashtags, you are competing against millions and millions of posts that have the same hashtag.

For example, if Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most-followed people on Instagram, decided to post something and include #fitness to it, he would absolutely crush you. Not because his post is better, or because he uploaded it at the right time. It is because he has millions of followers and each time he posts, he receives unimaginable engagement.

That is how your thought process must be. You have to realize you are competing with other gigantic accounts when you go for these really broad hashtags.

If you have millions of followers though, it wouldn't be an issue to try to outrank other bigger accounts, but if you have 100 followers and you are trying to compete with a 2 million followers account... Just stop it.

Also, for some reason, people try to have #fitness on a post that is about cars. Hashtags need to be relevant to what you will be posting.

My strategy for hashtags is to have about 10 to 15 really relevant hashtags to my post, but each of my hashtags needs to have less than 1 million posts.

Sure, I might use one big hashtag from time to time, but since I am just starting this account, I am focusing 100% on smaller hashtags. I will show you an example of my strategy here:

311 Accounts Reached From Those Hashtags

As you can see, just with one post, I was able to reach 323 accounts from a really small 160 following. That for me is incredible... Hashtags give you so much exposure that you need 100% on Instagram in order to start gaining momentum.

2) Actively Network With Slightly Bigger Accounts

If you want to have rapid growth and a lot of engagement, make sure to be active liking other similar accounts as yours, commenting, messaging them, etc.

It really does make a difference when you start connecting with other people and engage with them. Everybody wants to grow, and if you show engagement to other accounts, the most probable thing is that they will engage with your posts as well.

I know about 10 slightly bigger accounts than mine that are really similar to mine. I've been really active commenting on their profiles and just making sure my account grows as fast or faster than them.

Networking with bigger accounts means that you will know what their failures are, how to overcome them, and maybe in some point you could both shout out each others accounts! Finally, having a bit of competition is also nice because you will start to try to keep up with them.

As for how I find these accounts? I just research a lot! Make sure to search for terms that are likely to be similar to yours. In my case: luxury, yachts, supercars, etc.

Here you can see how I always try to engage with similar accounts as mine: